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We know the value of this technology because we’ve seen what it can do. Our UAV services go above and beyond. The use of drones helps firefighters, law enforcement, and similar fields on a national scale. Being police officers ourselves, we have seen the life-saving power these machines bring to the table.

The regulations of using UAVs can leave you feeling confused and not sure where to start. As pioneers in this industry, our team of experts limit your liability and guide you through the paperwork to give you peace of mind. With our direct FAA certification, this is one hundred percent legal. We are interim board members of the Northern Ohio Unmanned Aircraft Systems Association (NOUASA), so we’re always current in research and logistics.

Thermal Imaging Applications from UAV

UAV Thermal


Aerial Inspection Services



Professional Videography and Photography




The founders of HYSight are pilots themselves. Let us show you how using UAVs in your field is not only simple, but a compelling way to gain customers and save lives. Get started today and see what HYSight products can help your business! 

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