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HYSight UAV drone FirefightersHYSight Technologies has identified a need for UAVs in multiple commercial and governmental areas. Together, we can make this technology a reality for you. The leadership driving our small business has found a way to use UAVs, better known as drones, in a mainstream strategy. Local, state, and commercial entities have promising benefits from this technology.

We offer consultations to your agency, company, or municipality that will allow you to understand and evaluate the benefit your company and community will have by utilizing this technology, and our specialized UAV pilot training.

We can currently conduct commercial operations as it pertains to: public safety support, inspection, monitoring, and patrolling, videography and photography, precision agriculture, and surveying.

The HYSight Process

. We sit down and have a conversation about your business, why this will benefit you, and pricing options for your investment in UAV services.

. We send you an estimate based on our consultation.


Training. HYSight offers training by our certified drone pilots in every package deal. Avoid the risk of damaging or losing your UAV and ensure safety to citizens, your company, and yourself.


Let your business fly! After you’ve received your UAV from us, your business instantly gains the competitive advantage with industry specific data the HYSight Services Team provides you. This could be cell tower or roofing inspections and important surveying numbers you to keep you ahead of competitors. We even follow up with you to make sure your UAV is flying as you expected and we’re here to assist you through any problems.

The founders of HYSight are pilots themselves. Let us show you how using UAVs in your field is not only simple, but a compelling way to gain customers and save lives. Get started today and see what HYSight products can help your business! 

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