Creating Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Solutions

Become limitless with the most cutting-edge technology for your business. HYSight Technologies gives your company the competitive advantage by using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones. We are FAA authorized, and by working with us you give your team the power to save lives in such a way that lowers the possibility of risking yours.

Our trained professionals walk you through the process as you become familiar with your UAV. We familiarize you with inspections, photography, surveying, and public safety support. Flying safely, effectively, and efficiently are within your reach with HYSight Technologies. 


Why Fly with HYSight? 

Reach immeasurable heights with our UAVs. Our drones feature Wi-Fi, HD video, thermal imaging/infrared, and other characteristics to keep you one step ahead.

Save money, time, and most importantly - lives.


The HYSight Promise 


HYSight Tech Autonomous


GPS Assisted Flight Technology


FAA Authorized HYSight Technologies

FAA Authorized.

Authorized for Commercial Operations


UAVs fail safe


Fail-safe Technology

The founders of HYSight are pilots themselves. Let us show you how using UAVs in your field is not only simple, but a compelling way to gain customers and save lives. Get started today and see what HYSight products can help your business!